Welcome to the official website of the Theta Delta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at The Ohio State University. Since 1885 our members have inherited strong tradition as one of the oldest fraternities on campus. The Theta Delta Chapter is looking forward to returning to campus and once again being an important part of Ohio State. We are proud of our heritage and the nearly 1,500 men who have become brothers since Theta Delta Chapter was founded more than 132 years ago.


Campaign Theme, A Return to Principles, Fitting with Chapter Members Doing Their Part
Have You Done Your Part?

Our reinvigorated Chapter at The Ohio State University is doing very well—of that I’m very proud. It has been one year since we received our charter back, and our men haven’t let their foot off the gas pedal of moving forward as a strong and cohesive group. Our undergraduate brothers are truly a fine group of young men. They have stood tall and accomplished everything asked of them and they most certainly deserve to represent us all as Betas. They have done their part to continue recruiting great groups of pledges by ensuring they returned to the principles that make Beta Theta Pi great.

We have also honored one of our promises to them, which was to provide them with a safe, modernized home. The new Chapter House is incredible. Our Chapter House is a wonderful symbol of our strength and our ongoing goal to be a top Chapter on campus. If you have not been back to see the new Chapter House, I greatly encourage you to make a trip to Columbus. Please contact me if you head that way and I will be happy to set you up with a tour.

Now, we are tasked with finishing this campaign in a strong manner, ensuring the Chapter is not burdened with too much debt. A successful finish will yield a manageable debt load and a stable financial situation for Theta Delta going forward. We have no alternative. Our fundraising goal is $5 million, and we truly must meet that goal. We have to keep our Chapter focused on the right things without having to worry too much about their finances.

More than 150 brothers have stepped up to support the project and together they’ve pledged more than $3.7 million. They saw the importance of these renovations and immediately pledged dollars toward that need. But we are still short of our goal.

I ask you to join these brothers now! Please use the enclosed pledge form to make an appropriate pledge to A Return to Principles; The Campaign for Theta Delta. Be sure to utilize our pledge program to maximize the potential of your giving and spread your gift over five years. Please do so now and be a part of this historic project. Thank you for your generous support!

Yours in _kai_,
Dominic Bagnoli ’85
Campaign Chairman
(330) 284-9008

Campaign Status

Total to Date:Our Goal:
$3,707,817.00 $5,000,000.00

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